FirstView® Bus Tracking

We track the bus so you don't have to

Keep track of buses in real time.

FirstView® gives you accurate and quick information so that you can:

  • Track buses in real time
  • Proactively communicate with parents
  • Keep your district running smoothly with routing insights
  • Answer parents’ questions and assuage any concerns
FirstView: ParentApp

Buses routed each year across all major routing software platforms


School districts implemented FirstView, all delivering high customer satisfaction

Partner with First Student and you’ll get:

You’ll receive real-time reports on stops and routes, giving you the answers you need for parents’ questions and providing you with the full operational picture.

Our dedicated FirstView customer support team is available both online and over the phone to help users with any questions or issues.

FirstView’s cutting edge technology includes FOCUS, our proprietary software platform that integrates information from the bus, the route, and the driver. It quickly analyzes data for real-time bus location and estimates times of arrival at stops and schools.

When it comes to the FirstView parent app, you’ll be able to see and control user access.

Giving Parents Peace of Mind

Powered by First Student, FirstView gives our school districts partners the transportation information they need most through the District Dashboard, then sends that information to parents and families


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