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Meet FirstAlt​

Maintain control of your operation with support from a true partner

We Provide Service For:

Students with Special Needs
Students with Special Needs

FirstAlt’s contracted drivers can handle everything from behavioral challenges to special needs equipment.

McKinney Vento Students
McKinney Vento Students

Students may need to be picked-up or dropped-off at different locations each day. Our customized software makes this process seamless for caregivers, districts, and drivers.

Out-Of-District Students
Out-Of-District Students

Students may need to attend specialized schools outside of your district. FirstAlt can accommodate these needs and provide solutions for multi-district billing.

Hard-to-Serve Trips
Hard-to-Serve Trips

When transporting students in remote or hard-to-service areas, FirstAlt can help free up district resources to use on larger-capacity trips.

Our Cooperative Purchasing Partnerships

FirstAlt is proud to be award two cooperative purchasing agreements: Equalis Group and Sourcewell. Cooperative purchasing organizations can be valuable for public agencies and organizations where cost-effectiveness and efficient procurement processes are essential. These organizations help streamline the procurement of products and services by leveraging the collective purchasing power of their members.

Why FirstAlt

FirstAlt powered by First Student, provides districts with a safe and reliable transportation option for students with special needs, students experiencing homelessness, out of district students, and hard to serve trips.

FirstAlt utilizes a fleet of small capacity vehicles — a mix of sedans, SUVs, minivans, and wheelchair vans — from existing local transportation companies that are expertly operated and maintained, giving districts flexibility in their transportation program, reducing costs, and freeing up resources for higher-capacity trips.


We know that the safety of students is the number one priority. FirstAlt confirms that all transportation providers and their drivers have met all FirstAlt, state, local, and district requirements before they can service trips. The drivers are prepared to handle everything — from behavioral challenges to special equipment needs. Drivers will be equipped with tools for understanding the functions of behavior and the Rage Cycle which will help drivers relate to the students and to de-escalate issues as they arise.

In addition, parents and caregivers will be asked to fill out an “All About Me” form for their student to provide the drivers a better understanding of the student’s likes, dislikes, and items needed to make the student comfortable.


FirstAlt ensures all students get to school safely and on time in the hands of caring, consistent drivers. FirstAlt provides the same driver, for every student, every day.


FirstAlt developed custom technology specifically designed for alternative transportation and its unique challenges. This technology will benefit districts, parents, transportation providers, drivers, and the students they service. This new technology allows FirstAlt to proactively manage every trip. Dashboards alert the team to any trips running late, substitute drivers needed, and each driver and student’s status. Districts will also have access to these tools via a district dashboard.

When you bring FirstAlt on board, you aren’t just offering a reliable transportation service — you’re offering well-trained, professional, caring support to the students who depend on you the most.

  • Inclusive transportation
  • One place for all transportation needs
  • Access to First Student’s training, technology, and maintenance
  • Developed by alternative transportation experts​
  • Caring drivers 
  • Stable and safe vehicles
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring 
  • Seamless communication
  • Continuum of care 
  • Large, long-term contracts
  • Training provided
  • Fixed routes
  • Weekly payments
  • Service during off-peak hours
  • Easy on-boarding process

"With the addition of FirstAlt, First Student now has exactly what districts have been asking for; a single point of contact for all of their transportation needs. As one of the innovators of alternative transportation it’s been exciting to assemble a team of industry experts and create a technology solution specifically designed to meet the needs of districts and their students with special transportation needs."

- Gregg Prettyman, VP of FirstAlt

The FirstAlt Difference​

First Student is now the first-ever full-service K-12 Transportation Solution with the addition of FirstAlt, allowing us to provide all forms of transportation to all students. Our drivers have the training and tools to build healthy relationships and influence positive behaviors with the students they transport. Local drivers are specially trained in behavioral and equipment management, then transport students to and from school in stringently inspected right-sized vehicles, saving costs and providing structure and care to vulnerable student populations.

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