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First Consulting

Student transportation isn’t one size fits all. Whether you need help maintaining your buses, managing your operations, or rethinking routes – we can tailor our services to fit your needs.

Why First Consulting 

With First Consulting, you’ll get only what you need. Whether it’s through customized consulting or our à la carte services like routing, maintenance, management, safety and electrification, we work with you to develop effective and efficient solutions.  Every offering begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine the good, the bad, and the in-between. It all comes with the expertise of the industry’s number one student transportation company responsible for busing five million students safely each day. 

  • Analyze Efficiency  
  • Streamline Operations  
  • Right-size Fleet Mix 
  • Modernize Maintenance 
  • Electrify Fleet 
  • Improve Service 
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  • Assess Feasibility  
  • Evaluate Vehicles and Chargers 
  • Plan for Infrastructure 
  • Apply for Grants  
  • Execute Project Plans  
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  • Increase Efficiency 
  • Reduce Costs  
  • Reduce Fleet size  
  • Improve On-time Performance  
  • Full-Service Routing  
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  • Maintenance Experts  
  • World-Class Shops  
  • Improved Reliability  
  • Optimized Performance  
  • Full-Service Maintenance  
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  • Customer service  
  • Performance reviews 
  • Analytics and reporting  
  • Issue resolution 
  • Full-Service Management 
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  • Researched-Based Training  
  • Improved Student Experience  
  • Develop System of Support 
  • Provide Consistent Interventions 
  • Collaborative Problem Solving 
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"First Consulting earned a 10 out of 10! We would definitely recommend working with First Student on all of your transportation needs."

- Richard Long, Director of Facilities Support and Transportation,   VCSC

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Cincinnati, OH 45202

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