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À La Carte Transportation Solutions

First Consulting helps maintain your buses, manage your operations, & optimize bus routes – we tailor our services to fit your needs.

Consult with the Transportation Experts 

Analyze efficiency, streamline operations, & simplify maintenance with First Consulting. Whether it’s through customized consulting or our à la carte services like routing, maintenance, management, safety and electrification, we work with you to develop effective and efficient solutions.  

Every offering begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine the good, the bad, and the in-between. It all comes with the expertise of the industry’s number one student transportation company responsible for busing five million students safely each day. Let us solve your most critical transportation needs. See what we can do for your district today.

  • Analyze Efficiency  
  • Streamline Operations  
  • Right-size Fleet Mix 
  • Modernize Maintenance 
  • Electrify Fleet 
  • Improve Service 
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  • Assess Feasibility  
  • Evaluate Vehicles and Chargers 
  • Plan for Infrastructure 
  • Apply for Grants  
  • Execute Project Plans  
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  • Increase Efficiency 
  • Reduce Costs  
  • Reduce Fleet size  
  • Improve On-time Performance  
  • Full-Service Routing  
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  • Maintenance Experts  
  • World-Class Shops  
  • Improved Reliability  
  • Optimized Performance  
  • Full-Service Maintenance  
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  • Customer service  
  • Performance reviews 
  • Analytics and reporting  
  • Issue resolution 
  • Full-Service Management 
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  • Researched-Based Training  
  • Improved Student Experience  
  • Develop System of Support 
  • Provide Consistent Interventions 
  • Collaborative Problem Solving 
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"First Consulting earned a 10 out of 10! We would definitely recommend working with First Student on all of your transportation needs."

- Richard Long, Director of Facilities Support and Transportation,   VCSC

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191 Rosa Parks Street, 8th Floor,
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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