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Onboard tablet technology that drives safety, simplicity, and efficiency

Our industry leading technologies work seamlessly for your district

DriverHub integrates industry leading safety practices and cutting-edge technology to improve the efficiency of your entire transportation system. The DriverHub tablet assists drivers throughout every stage of their day, ensuring best-practice procedures and providing safer trips for your students.

Key features include:​

  • Consistent pre-trip and post-trip practices​
  • Punctual scheduled depart time
  • Voice-activated copilot​
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Improved route efficiency
  • Verified child check
  • Accurate student ridership*
  • Simplified special needs reimbursement​ reporting

*Additional analysis required for implementation



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We work with 1,330 customers


We work with customers in 41 American states and 8 Canadian provinces

Safety, Simplicity, and Efficiency

DriverHub is a tablet-based solution developed in response to district feedback. It is a fully integrated solution that improves the efficiency of our transportation operations by bringing all of our technologies together on one tablet.

First Student embraces eco-friendly practices — like the use of the electric school bus — to help heal the planet our students will inherit. We’ve developed a partnership with NextEra Energy Resources, the global leader in renewable energy generation, to bring the electric bus fleet to local school districts.

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The FirstView App brings together GPS, electronic routing software, and First Student’s operations platform,FocusFirst, to provide enhanced communication and visibility into your transportation system. The suite consists of the FirstView District Dashboard and the FirstView Parent App.​

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DriverScore is a performance improvement tool that has enhanced our overall safety. The tool identifies incidents like hard breaking and rapid acceleration on a map, allowing managers to provide better coaching and identify trends and problem areas that need to be addressed.

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As the leading school transportation solutions provider in North America, First Student moves more students per day than all U.S. airlines combined. We know the value in leveraging our best practices, technologies, and processes to deliver quality transportation solutions. What sets us apart is our desire to build close, trusted partnerships with the districts we serve.