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Transporting Students with Disabilities

Providing compassionate student care with well-trained drivers

Thorough training helps children with developmental disabilities prosper

Transporting students with physical and emotional disabilities requires experience, specialized training, and compassion. We’re dedicated to educating our staff about the characteristics of disabilities and training them to address challenges in a way that ensures a safe and enjoyable ride for every student.


Our rigorous training programs addresses issues, including:

  • Student behavior management
  • Evacuations in the event of an emergency
  • Specialty equipment
  • Laws and liabilities

Our special needs program was developed with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a top 3 children’s hospital in the US


Hours of specialized training for van drivers

Compassion, Experience and Specialized Training

Every child is an individual with unique characteristics, a unique personality, and unique challenges. First Student is dedicated to educating our staff on the characteristics of disabilities and how to address challenges, ensuring a safe and enjoyable bus ride for every student.

First Student drivers are the face of our company, but there is a whole team that stands behind and supports them. From routing and dispatch to maintenance and safety, we’ve built our entire system around our promise to protect every student, every day. When you partner with us, you get that promise in action.​

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Our concern extends beyond just getting your student from point-A to point-B, and extends to your student’s emotional safety. Our innovative FirstServes special education training equips our staff with the tools they need to deliver your students emotionally ready to learn​.

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Our integrated solutions incorporate the latest technologies with safety, efficiency, and compassion in mind. These solutions allow you to address everything from mechanics to student behavior quickly, effectively, and with care.

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As the leading school transportation solutions provider in North America, First Student moves more students per day than all U.S. airlines combined. We know the value in leveraging our best practices, technologies, and processes to deliver quality transportation solutions. What sets us apart is our desire to build close, trusted partnerships with the districts we serve.

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