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How FirstAlt Differs From Other Alternative Transportation Providers​
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How FirstAlt Differs From Other Alternative Transportation Providers​

October 5, 2022

With the addition of FirstAlt, First Student is now the first-ever full-service K-12 transportation solution in the United States. FirstAlt is an alternative transportation solution for districts experiencing driver shortages and inefficient routing. FirstAlt can also transport students who didn’t have the option for school transportation in the past.

FirstAlt understands that the yellow school bus remains the safest mode of transportation to and from school, but not all students can ride on a bus for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes students don’t live on a current bus route, they have relocated or they have unique transportation needs.


First Student transports more than 500,000 students with special needs each day and is the leader in special needs transportation. That expertise, along with a management team with more than 50 years of combined experience in alternative transportation, brings a level of knowledge no other alternative transportation provider can match.


Providing structure and consistent routines is important for every student but is essential for students experiencing homelessness and students with special needs. FirstAlt’s approach to alternative student transportation ensures that all students have the same driver every day and get to school safely, and on time, in the hands of caring drivers.

Training& Safety

Safety of students is the number one priority for First Student. As a result, FirstAlt confirms that all transportation providers and their drivers have met all FirstAlt, state, local and district requirements before they can service trips. The drivers are prepared to handle everything — from behavioral challenges to special equipment needs. Drivers will be equipped with tools for understanding the root causes of students’ behavior and how/when to de-escalate if a situation should arise.


The FirstAlt team developed custom software specifically designed for alternative transportation and its unique challenges. This technology benefits districts, parents, transportation providers, drivers and the students they serve. The software application provides end-to-end ride visibility, allowing for the safest ride experience for students, their families and school districts. Electronic dashboards alert the team if any trips are running late, substitute drivers are needed as well as the status of each driver and every student. Districts and parents also have access to these tools via a district dashboard and a mobile parent application. As the student population with special transportation needs grows, First Student has learned how to adapt to meet those unique and special transportation needs of each and every student and school district.

FirstAlt is making a difference in student’s transportation experience across the country. If you are interested to see how your transportation company can partner with First alt, or how FirstAlt can benefit your students email us at