FirstACTS® student behavior tracking system

A web-based tool for easily communicating incidents on the bus

Communicate easily so you can act effectively

Student conduct issues on even a single bus route can throw off the whole school day for students, parents or caregivers, and school officials. FirstACTS (Active Conduct Training System) helps you prevent that by addressing:

  • Unsafe behavioral issues
  • Time-consuming paper-based reporting

Facilitates timely action to resolve student behavior incidents


We work with districts in 39 US states and 7 Canadian provinces

FirstACTS - School Bus Behavior Active Conduct Tracking System

Partner with First Student and you’ll get:

Instant Communication

Cloud-based incident reporting helps communicate directly with school administrators, which gives everyone the confidence that issues will be addressed promptly.

Easy Documentation

This cloud-based tool eliminates tedious and time-consuming tasks of completing, delivering, filing, and tracking paper documents, which helps increase efficiency.


You can adapt the application to your workflow and interfaces, then customize it according to your district’s needs.


The application is safe and secure, allowing you to confidentially track student behavior history, identify trends, and send incident reports to the appropriate personnel.

FirstACTS – School Bus Behavior Active Conduct Tracking System

FirstACTS is web-based application that efficiently reports and tracks student behavior concerns on the school bus. FirstACTS connects drivers, transportation leaders, and district administrators to keep your children safe each and every day.