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Improve Service, Reduce Costs
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Improve Service, Reduce Costs

There are several reasons why a school district may consider a professionally managed student transportation partnership, including:

  • Getting kids to school consistently on time
  • Providing the best drivers and vehicles
  • Efficient routing
  • Reduced costs

In the below webinar, Upper Merion Area School District Superintendent Dr. John Toleno and First Student Director of Business Development Jim Woods discuss why the district chose to get out of the business of transporting its students and begin a partnership with First Student to manage its transportation system.

Throughout the entire transition process, First Student routinely met with key stakeholders at the district to discuss their needs, set expectations and answer some of the most asked questions:

  • Who will be driving my child to school?
  • What will happen to our employees?
  • What will happen to our fleet?

The value that the First Student partnership brought to the Upper Merion Area School District is more than just cost reduction. Our collaboration provides confidence to the district, school staff and parents that they will have clean and well-maintained buses, courteous and well-trained drivers using our industry-leading technology, and students will arrive safe, on time, and ready to reach their goals.

To learn more about how your district can improve service and reduce costs, contact our team today!