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Track Our Commitment to Success in Madison

First Student is committed to providing safe, reliable and quality transportation services to Madison students

on-time performance

90.25% out of 100%

Special Needs Routes Covered

100% out of 100%

Driver to Route Ratio

127 Drivers to 129 Routes
107% with a goal of 110%

First Student is committed to providing students, parents, teachers and school officials with timely information regarding the status of school bus operations. While all school transportation startups can expect hiccups in the early weeks, we will not rest until we fully meet our commitments to serve the Madison community. We are working diligently and taking significant measures to resolve the matter in a timely fashion. The above three key operational metrics are updated here, every Friday afternoon.

First Student's three-Point Plan

We understand the frustration of the district, administrators and the community. We have deployed a three-point plan to quickly resolve the situation to everyone’s satisfaction, especially the students. This plan includes the following:


Recruiting, training and deploying more drivers


Prioritizing routes serving students with special needs to provide consistency


Communicating clearly and in a timely manner

now hiring drivers in Madison

The main challenge is that there is a significant shortage in the availability of qualified drivers. This is a nationwide problem and not unique to Madison or First Student.

To combat this, we have raised starting pay up to $24.00 per hour, up to $5 more than the previous operator in Madison, and are offering a $3,000 signing bonus for new drivers.
If you know someone who would be a great driver, encourage them to apply online or download the PDF below to learn more.