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Employee Spotlights

Glenn Craig | Accountable for Performance

A Warm Welcome
As one of six employees featured in posters that highlight our new tagline and values, Glenn Craig’s warm and welcoming expression is not simply something he put on for the photo shoot. It’s who he really is. Glenn arrives to work early each morning with that smile and sense of optimism and personally greets all of his drivers before they head out on their routes.

Hard Work Can Take You Places
Despite his many accomplishments, Glenn has never been one to rest on his laurels. When he was just 14-years-old, he landed his first job. For an entire summer, Glenn cleaned the parking lot of a rest stop along the New York Thruway, which runs between Buffalo and New York City. “I learned at a very young age the importance of having a strong work ethic. After all, hard work can take you places.”

Second Act
Five years ago, shortly after retiring from 27 years as a manager with UPS, Glenn joined the First Student team as a driver. A short six months later, he became a location manager for Wallkill. Glenn says he appreciates that, like him, “First Student does not sit idle. The company is always looking for new technology, better business techniques and a stronger commitment to our customers.”

The Need to Listen
As a location manager, Glenn knows the positive impact he and his team can have in the lives of the students they transport. A special needs student in the district was struggling. This student had his days and nights mixed up, which made getting up and out the door early in the morning difficult. Glenn worked to facilitate a meeting with the district and the student’s parents. Together, they developed a plan to transport the student to school a little later in the morning. Thanks to Glenn’s care and concern, this student now has that valuable extra time each morning. He is able to get to his bus on time and arrives at school better rested, less stressed and eager to learn. Glenn shared, “I learned through this experience that everyone is different. If we listen and work together, we can deliver a solution that addresses an individual need.”

Committed to the Community
Glenn and his team have formed a strong partnership not only with the district, but also with the community they serve. First Student is very visible in Wallkill. This summer, the location is sponsored a family movie night at the local library. “The community looks to us to be a leader,” says Glenn. “ And we want to be seen as more than a transportation provider. Our team takes pride in making Wallkill a friendlier, more vibrant place to live.”

Embracing Our Values
Glenn describes his role with First Student as “the greatest gig.” He says he enjoys the challenges and opportunities that each day brings and is excited to see where First Student is headed. “The industry does not grow unless we grow. It takes everyone on the same page embracing the values that we have put forward as we head into the future.”

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