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Electric School Buses


First Student Simplifies Your School Bus Fleet Electrification​

The electrification of school buses is a main topic of conversation with government leaders, school districts, parents, and children. School district leaders are looking to do their part to lessen their carbon footprint and join the fight against climate change. In addition to environmental benefits, electrification of school bus fleets also brings lower costs, less maintenance, and a better experience for students.

First Student is the industry leader in home-to-school transportation and to further our commitment to electric school buses, and provide value to our district partners, we have developed a partnership with NextEra Energy Resources, the global leader in renewable energy generation. This partnership creates a turnkey solution for school districts to add electric buses. Together, we collaborate with you through the complex electrification process including:

  • Determine Feasibility 
  • Perform Geographic Analyses
  • Identify Funding Options & Manage the Grant Application Process
  • Determine the Best Vehicle & Minimize Total Cost of Ownership
  • Leverage Size to Drive Down Upfront Cost
  • Optimize Fleet & Routing to Maximize the Benefit of Electric School Buses
  • Build Out, Certify & Manage Necessary Infrastructure Requirements
  • Establish & Monitor Charging Schedule Based on Local Factors
  • Manage V2G Buying and Selling of Electricity

Large-Scale School Bus Fleet Electrification

See how we address the complexities of electrification through an organized roadmap. Click here to view the full video.



82% ↓

We have reduced our PM2.5, or small particulate matter, emissions by 82% over the past three years

63% ↓

We have reduced our CO₂ emissions by 63% over the past three years.


Qualified and highly engaged technicians who hold over 3,200 ASE certifications

73% ↓

We have reduced our nitrogen oxide emissions by 73% over the past three years

Simple and Affordable Electrification

First Student and NextEra Energy Resources will work with your school district through the complexities and price barriers to electrify your fleet. First Student, the largest school bus transportation provider, leverages our size and scale to drive down the price of electrification and with the expertise of NextEra Energy Resources, we can help further drive down the costs by securing funding, driving efficiency & cost saving, and generating revenue through grid services like V2G.

First Student has partnered with NextEra Energy Resources to simplify the electrification process because fleet electrification is in all of our best interests, but specifically, adding electric school buses will benefit your:

  • Community
  • Taxpayers
  • Environment
  • District
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First Student brings extensive expertise and invaluable relationships with bus manufacturers and energy partners. Owning 43,000 vehicles puts First Student in the market-leading position to supply EV transportation and services for school districts ready to explore higher efficiency, greener electric school buses. First Student has run pilots in multiple locations across North America and can help you understand how local factors can total cost of ownership.

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NextEra Energy Resources owns and operates approximately 24 GW of total generation, across more than 37 states in the U.S. and four Canadian provinces, including renewable generation facilities and battery storage projects. NextEra Energy Resources is also a market leader in distributed energy solutions. Its Distributed Generation (DG) team serves customers with behind-the-meter solar, energy storage, resiliency products, microgrids, and other custom energy solutions. 

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As the leading school transportation solutions provider in North America, First Student moves more passengers per day than all U.S. airlines combined. We know the value in leveraging our best practices, technologies, and processes to deliver quality transportation solutions. What sets us apart is our desire to build close, trusted partnerships with the districts we serve.​