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DriverScore leads to friendly competition, positive recognition and safer drivers
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DriverScore leads to friendly competition, positive recognition and safer drivers

The DriverScore program, which is currently being rolled out to all First Student locations, further focuses our commitment to safety and emphasizes continued improvement. DriverScore was developed internally after analyzing years of safety data and identifying behaviors, that if we could change would further improve safety.

DriverScore focuses on 4 behaviors that are clear and concise. The four behaviors; hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, and idling are leading indicators that will improve our drivers to be the safest on the road and a more environmentally friendly fleet.

“We’ve got quite a few drivers who are really into this and they get pretty competitive, they also want to see that they’re making changes so they’ll come and talk to us about any improvements they made or what they need to do to improve themselves.”  – Wilson Williams, Location Safety Manager, Westmont, IL

Scores are posted and shared in the bus depot where all drivers can see how they compare to each other. This friendly competition has unified our drivers as everyone is working towards one goal – to be the best, safest drivers for our students. DriverScore has been wildly successful as drivers want to see their scores improve weekly and receive positive recognition. The visibility of the program has created camaraderie with the drivers, making work more fun and importantly, safer.

“The effect of DriverScore has been pretty amazing. The drivers celebrate or they talk about it, so you hear conversation, and just the personal challenge, you know am I on the scoreboard again? Everyone likes to be acknowledged for a job well done.” – Alvia Lopez, Driver, Westmont, IL

The results from DriverScore are noticeable with not only our staff, but also with our customers.

“This is an actual program that is changing behavior in a positive way. Because they can track it with the GPS tracking, they can show you the behavior is changing. They’re not just saying drivers are being safer and drivers are taking their time, they can show you with the GPS tracking. Those fast accelerations, those quick stops are not happening anymore.” – Curt Saindon Assistant Superintendent for Business Services/CS80 Woodbridge School District 68

Download the case study to learn more how DriverScore has strengthened safety in Woodbridge, IL or email us at