Suzuki music program performs in the square
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Suzuki music program performs in the square

June 4, 2015

As part of our partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools, First Student is proud to help sponsor the Suzuki Cooperative. The Suzuki Cooperative is a non-profit organization composed of students, parents and teachers trained in the Suzuki Method. In this approach to music education, students learn to play instruments through listening and repetition. Suzuki Music Program Performs in the Square To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the music program, First Student and the district sponsored a free lunchtime concert in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. Dennis Maple, First Student President, joined Mary Ronan, Cincinnati Superintendent, on stage to address the audience and introduce the young musicians. “First Student is proud to call Cincinnati home,” said Dennis. “The Suzuki Cooperative enriches the lives of the students and families we serve. As a trusted partner of Cincinnati Public Schools and a supporter of this community, we embrace opportunities to support the district in providing a well-rounded education to students.” The program was going to be eliminated in 1995 due to budget cuts. A group of parents came together to continue the program, and today, it thrives due to the support of First Student.

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