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Joseph Spiccia
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Joseph Spiccia

I knew I wanted to be a teacher from as far back as the fifth grade. My feelings were solidified in high school because I respected and admired the teachers and coaches from whom I learned. Simply, I wanted to do for others what they did for me. I began my career as a teacher/coach in the Wauseon Schools in northwest Ohio. I learned how to be a teacher, a professional, and good person thanks to the modeling I was able to observe from the veteran teachers in Wauseon. As coaching was a passion, I moved from Wauseon to the Cleveland State University where I served as an assistant wrestling coach. The experience was invaluable to me for two reasons, one I learned a great deal about the highest levels of coaching, and secondly, I learned I belonged in the K-12 environment. I left CSU and became a teacher/coach in the Hudson City School District. I continue to grow and learn from some outstanding educators. In particular, I learned a great deal from observing the truly quality administrators in the district. Thanks to their guidance, I entered administration and spent the next 30+ years as a school administrator serving in a variety of roles including assistant principal, principal, human resources director, education director, and superintendent. I have enjoyed every job I have had in education. Each one has been fulfilling as they have given me the opportunity to contribute to the greater good, create programs and opportunities for students and staff, and support the needs of the community in which I worked. I have spent 46 years in public education and I am proud of the people with whom I have worked and the students to whom I have served.

Past AASA Ohio Superintendent of the Year Winners:

2023 Ohio Superintendent of the Year: Dr. Elizabeth Lolli

2022 Ohio Superintendent of the Year: Daniel Leffingwell

2021 Ohio Superintendent of the Year: Robert Hunt

About the Award:

The Superintendent of the Year program, sponsored by First Student and AASA, pays tribute to the talent and vision of the men and women who lead the nation’s public schools.

State-level winners are selected on the following criteria:

    • Leadership for Learning
    • Communication
    • Professionalism
    • Community Involvement

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