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One of Nations Largest School Bus Transportation Providers Pushes for Postage Stamp Recognizing School Bus Drivers
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One of Nations Largest School Bus Transportation Providers Pushes for Postage Stamp Recognizing School Bus Drivers

June 18, 2008

First Student Calls on Competition to Join the Cause

CINCINNATI — Over the years, there have been U.S. postage stamps recognizing education, students, teachers, and even school buses, but never a stamp honoring the estimated 500,000 yellow school bus drivers who are entrusted with transporting millions of America’s children to and from school each year.

Well, one of the nation’s largest school bus transportation providers is hoping to change all that, and is turning to its bus drivers and competitors for help.

“The fact is we already know how valuable school bus drivers are,” said Carey Paster, President, First Student, which operates in more than 500 school districts and carries nearly 2 million students to and from school each day. “But we also know because there are so many worthy causes and individuals vying for consideration by the United States Postal Service (USPS), that we’d need to do as much as possible to set our cause apart, and that’s where we—as a collective group of school bus transportation providers—can make a difference,” added Paster.

While First Student has thrown its corporate support behind an effort spearheaded by an industry trade association, Paster is confident a national, collaborative effort by all school bus transportation providers will have an even greater impact.

“Competition aside, the one thing that all school bus transportation providers can agree on is SAFETY,” added Paster. “Together, our combined school bus drivers are responsible for ensuring that our kids arrive safely at school every morning and back home safely again each afternoon. What better way can we honor them than by joining forces in support of this stamp,” added Paster.

As part of its effort, First Student has posted signage—explaining its support of the school bus driver stamp—throughout its terminals nationwide. The company is also collecting signatures which it will forward onto the USPS’ Stamp Advisory Committee for its consideration.

Hundreds of First Student bus drivers have added their names and thrown their support behind the cause, saying that they’d be humbled by the issuance of a stamp recognizing the hard-working men and women who drive America’s school buses.

“We know that school bus drivers will probably remain the unsung heroes of the transportation industry, but a U.S. postage stamp recognizing the dedication and commitment of America’s school bus drivers will go a long way in showing that we, as a nation, value and support them,” added Paster.

First Student, the U.S. subsidiary of First Student, is the second largest provider of school bus transportation in the U.S., serving more than 500 school districts in 38 states across the nation and employs 22,000 drivers. For additional information on First Student please call 1-800-844-5588.