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First Student to Enhance Transportation by Unifying General and Special Education Routes for Community High School District 94 in Illinois, Benefitting Families and Schools
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First Student to Enhance Transportation by Unifying General and Special Education Routes for Community High School District 94 in Illinois, Benefitting Families and Schools

CINCINNATI – Community High School District 94 in West Chicago has awarded a new $4.8 million transportation contract to First Student and the company’s specialized transportation service, FirstAlt. This contract will transform district transportation logistics to create a seamless operation by consolidating the district’s general and special education transportation routes. First Student and FirstAlt will ensure each student is matched with the right transportation model, helping them feel comfortable and secure every day as they go to and from school. The new contract will span three years.

“We are proud to join forces with Community High School District 94 to transform their transportation infrastructure to match student transportation to student needs. Creating a fully unified operation means students get to school safely and on time regardless of ability and they have every opportunity to start their day ready to learn,” Gregg Prettyman, Vice President of FirstAlt said. “Through our integrated approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, we are confident in our ability to deliver unparalleled service to the district’s students and families. We thank Community High School District 94 for their trust.”

Seeking streamlined and improved operations, Community High School District 94 chose First Student to leverage the combined expertise of First Student and FirstAlt. The new contract will enhance communication and provide a safe and positive transportation experience for all students. This unified approach ensures continuity, efficiency and service excellence, reinforcing the district’s commitment to student welfare and academic success.

“We are excited to embark on this innovative partnership with First Student,” Dan Oberg, Director of Business Services at Community High School District 94 said. “By consolidating our transportation services under one contract, we can enhance the service provided to our students while increasing efficiency and saving taxpayer money.”

First Student offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the district’s unique requirements. Community High School District 94 previously operated with distinct contracts for general education and special education transportation. As First Student began looking at providing yellow buses for all routes, the benefits of bringing in FirstAlt to bid on special ed routes became apparent from a cost and efficiency standpoint.

First Student will supply school buses. FirstAlt will provide transportation for the vulnerable student population to and from school in small capacity vehicles driven by trained drivers, equipped to handle special needs. Leveraging advanced technology, First Student ensures seamless tracking of on-time performance, driver management, key performance indicators and more, empowering the district with comprehensive insights into its transportation operations.

About First Student

As a leading school transportation solutions provider in North America, First Student strives to provide the best start and finish to every school day. With a team of highly trained drivers and the industry’s strongest safety record, First Student delivers reliable, quality services, including full-service transportation and management, special-needs transportation, fleet electrification, route optimization, and scheduling, maintenance, and charter services with a fleet of more than 46,000 buses.