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First Student Reminds Motorists to Drive Safely Especially Around School Buses
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First Student Reminds Motorists to Drive Safely Especially Around School Buses

June 13, 2008

CINCINNATI — First Student, the nation’s leader in student transportation would like to remind motorists to take extra care when driving in the early morning or afternoon hours when school buses are on the road and children may be walking to and from bus stops or school.

Obeying all traffic signals and coming to a complete stop at all stops signs is the law. When motorists don’t do this, not only is it illegal, it puts themselves and everyone around them at risk—and that includes buses full of school children. Motorists also must stop for a stopped school bus with lights flashing and stop arm extended. In many states, failure of motorists to obey this law is among the top moving violations reported by law enforcement officials.

“Safety is a core value at First Student,” says Carey Paster, president of First Student. “It’s our job to take four million children all over North America to and from school safely each day. It’s a tremendous responsibility that we take very seriously. Our drivers are highly trained professionals and our school buses are the safest, most technologically equipped buses available. I feel it also is important for us to promote safe practices among other motorists on the road to further ensure the children in our care enjoy a safe ride to and from school.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly half a million school buses transport more than 25 million students 4.3 billion miles each year. That’s a lot of buses out on the road carrying a lot of children. “Today’s school buses are safer than ever,” says Robin Leeds, industry specialist with the National School Transportation Association. “But while school buses undoubtedly are the safest means for children to get to and from school, other drivers on the road need to be alert and cautious when sharing the road with school buses.”

“Please help us get the word out for other motorists to drive safely and responsibly, especially when encountering a school bus,” says Paster. “We are dedicated to keeping the young passengers entrusted to us on our buses safe and secure.”