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First Student Donates $50,000 to Support Cincinnati Public Schools Music Program
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First Student Donates $50,000 to Support Cincinnati Public Schools Music Program

December 13, 2016

Suzuki CooperativeMore than 100 students enrolled in the Suzuki Cooperative of Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) will benefit from a $50,000 contribution from First Student. The company recently made the donation to help fund the music education program. First Student is proud to be a trusted partner of CPS by providing school bus transportation to more than 14,000 students daily.

The Suzuki Cooperative is a non-profit organization composed of students, parents and teachers trained in the Suzuki Method. Students learn to play instruments through listening and repetition.

“First Student is committed to making a difference in the lives of the students we transport, especially here in our hometown,” said First Student Area General Manager Scott Turney. “We believe in the value of supporting the Suzuki Cooperative as a way to help Cincinnati Public Schools provide a well-rounded education to students.”

Students from nine CPS elementary schools are enrolled in the Suzuki Cooperative. The schools include Sands Montessori, Kilgour School, College Hill Elementary, Parker Woods Montessori, North Avondale, Dater Montessori, John P. Parker Elementary, Rothenberg Preparatory Academy and Woodford Paideia Academy.

“Music education plays such a critical role in the development of our children,” said Superintendent Mary Ronan of Cincinnati Public Schools. “Just as music is collaborative, partnerships are instrumental to the success of Cincinnati Public Schools, and we appreciate First Student’s support of the Suzuki Cooperative.”

The Suzuki Cooperative at CPS was founded in 1985. The program was going to be eliminated in 1995 due to budget cuts. A group of parents came together to continue the program, and today, it thrives due in part to the support of First Student.

First Student, North America’s largest student transportation provider, is based in Cincinnati.

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