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4 Things You Might Find Surprising About Private Student Transportation
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4 Things You Might Find Surprising About Private Student Transportation

Being prepared with the facts and benefits of contracting with a private student transportation partner can help districts avoid confusion and effectively manage positive change within their communities. Here are a few common questions regarding student transportation contracting.

1. School boards will [lose or retain?] control of key decisions affecting their student transportation operation. Answer: Retain. A structured, long-term relationship, built on mutual trust and understanding, can greatly reduce the likelihood of any control issues arising. Service providers are required by contractual law to provide service based on current school board policy. The board will retain control over transportation policy and gain an experienced partner in managing daily operations.

2. Private contractors fleets are [older or newer?], on average, than district fleets. Answer: Newer. This is due to the utilization of industry life-cycle replacement schedules for our vehicles.

3. Private contractors hire [local residents or outsiders?] as school bus drivers. Answer: Local residents. Drivers are the faces of school transportation. We hire local residents and existing local district school bus drivers who know and are members of the community, who pay taxes and often have children attending local schools.

4. Private contractors operate in [union or non-union?] environments. Answer: Both. Private contractors operate in union and non-union environments. First Student has relationships with every union in our industry. We have developed positive, professional relationships based on mutual respect and fair dealing.

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