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Western Canada safety leaders participate in Smith System instructor training
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Western Canada safety leaders participate in Smith System instructor training

December 8, 2016

Smith System training safety leadersCentral to our ongoing effort to improve safety, First Student Regional Safety Manager Western Canada Michael Breward, Location #31010, gathered six of his safety leaders from locations #31720, #33150, #34065, #35685, #33105 and #34050 to participate in a Smith System Instructor Training session.

The session was facilitated by Smith System Instructor Steve Eskesen. These six leaders learned the basics of how to best instruct new drivers in creating visibility, leaving space and making informed choices while driving their bus.

Five key timing factors were also discussed in the session to dramatically reduce the risk of major accidents on highways and the road:   1. Aim High in Steering – staying alert of dangers and traffic ahead to avoid rear-end collisions and to alert other drivers following behind to slow down 2. Get the Big Picture – be aware of surroundings and of other drivers sharing the road 3. Keep Your Eyes Moving –  remain alert at all times and be consistent in eye movement to prevent the body from entering a trance state of being 4. Leave Yourself an Out – avoid following other vehicles too closely and always anticipate what other drivers may do 5. Make Sure They See You – prevent accidents by never assuming the other driver is not dangerous. Make sure other drivers can see and anticipate your move. Safety leaders will begin instructing drivers at their location with these driving techniques in the New Year.

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