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Supporting a community tradition in Cincinnati
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Supporting a community tradition in Cincinnati

May 5, 2016

This year’s Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio, was the largest ever with almost 40,000 runners participating in races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many of the runners relied on First Student for a good experience.

More than 50 First Student buses were used throughout the weekend. Buses shuttled relay participants to the finish line, runners to their hotels, and provided a secure place for runners to leave their belongings while they ran.

“First Student has been wonderful to work with each year,” said Race Director John Cappella. “The company’s drivers are prepared and dependable, which are great qualities to have for an event with so many moving parts.”

Many thanks to the First Student team members who helped make the Flying Pig a great success!Flying Pig 2016 Bus ShuttleAre you asking “why is it called the Flying Pig Marathon?” In the 1800s, when riverboats ruled the Ohio River, Cincinnati was the center of commerce. Agriculture was a prime source of revenue and hogs were a major source of income. So much so, that Cincinnati came to be known as “Porkopolis.” When Cincinnati celebrated its Bicentennial, the city renovated the riverfront to include a “Bicentennial Commons” park. The entrance to the park featured four smokestacks, for the city’s riverboat heritage, with four flying pigs dedicated to the spirits of the pigs who gave their lives so the city could grow.