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Movie night helps employees and family members connect
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Movie night helps employees and family members connect

December 14, 2016

Location Manager Ray Jarrett and some of his staff members at Location #20275 in Parkville, Missouri, met to discuss what kind of activities they could create to foster engagement, and give their employees the change to connect with each another.

The following were proposed: 1. Parkville Book Club 2. Parkville Movie Review  3. Free Financial and Budget Planning (donated by a local vendor)  4. Family Movie Night In early December, the first initiative was launched, and approximately 40 employees and family members gathered at the location to watch the Polar Express, eat popcorn, drink hot chocolate, and participate in bobbing for candy canes.

Staff volunteered their time and brought in gifts, giveaways and candy canes to make the night a success.

“We recognize that we have employees that are looking for a sense of family and community,” said Ray. “I am so incredibly proud of everyone who helped make this event such a wonderful night for everyone who attended. The talk on the lot is how appreciative everyone is and what a great place Parkville is to work.”

Customer Care Representative Rhonda Hays coordinated the movie night and mobilized the entire staff to get involved.

In keeping with the theme of the movie, Location Safety Manager Kayce Fielden’s son, Caleb Chambers, played the conductor for the night and helped coordinate the gift giveaways.

Other employee engagement events scheduled for the New Year include the finance classes.

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