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Location assists in search for missing student
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Location assists in search for missing student

May 21, 2015

The technology we use on our buses can really make a difference. Recently, the tools and team at our Pueblo, Colorado location assisted in the search for a missing student. 

When team members at our location learned that a student did not return home after being dropped off at his bus stop, the team pulled video from the bus to determine the time and location that the student got off of the bus. Their quick response allowed the district to narrow its search.

Location Assists in Search for Missing Student

Driver Tanya Bauman even returned to work after her shift ended to assist in the search. She helped review the video, made calls to neighboring families and even knocked on doors in the neighborhood to help locate the child. It turns out the student was safe the entire time. He returned home after school and went to a friend’s house to play without his mother’s knowledge. 

Principal Ted Johnson of Irving Elementary says, “I would especially like to commend Tanya. This was certainly beyond the call of duty, and I admire her commitment to the students on her route.”

Through their efforts, Tanya and the location team showed how their dedication to the students they transport extends beyond the bus stop.