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Our Local Involvement
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Our Local Involvement

September 20, 2017

First Student is committed to supporting the communities we serve. Collectively and individually we donate, volunteer, support and care for the local schools and organizations that serve your students and their families. Together with our employees, student riders, parents, school partners and communities, we keep communities prospering. 

A wide range of charitable giving takes place at both the local and corporate levels. This includes monetary contributions as well as in-kind donations in the provision of buses and drivers for charitable events and educational programs. We demonstrate support for the communities we serve by donating our equipment and service to school districts, police departments, state agencies, and local hospitals and charities.

Following are some examples of the ways our First Student teams are engaging with communities.


  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • Making Strides against Breast Cancer
  • American Cancer Society
  • Guardian Angel Network

Donations Supporting Youth & Education

  • Charity Golf Tournament – Beatrice Public Schools, Neb.
  • Safety Education Program – Normandy Collaborative, Mo.
  • “Stamp out Hunger” – Three Rivers Food Bank, Ore.
  • After-School Program – Brandford Board of Education, Conn.
  • Flying Pig Marathon – Cincinnati
  • Breast Cancer Coalition – Mass.
  • Hope West – Montrose, Colo.
  • Autism All-Star Team – Knights of Columbus, Ill.
  • Special Olympics – Plainfield Police Department, Ill.
  • Holiday Food Drive – King City, Ont.

Contributions to Scholarship funds

  • Bethel School District, Ore.
  • Danville School Foundation, Ill.
  • Kansas City Public Schools, Mo.
  • Chester Union Free School District, N.Y.
  • Florida Union Free School District, N.Y.


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