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First Student team held “Fill the Bus” event
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First Student team held “Fill the Bus” event

April 25, 2017
 Location #31963 in Welland, Ontario hold Fill the Bus event

In February 2017, team members from Location #31963 in Welland, Ontario held a “Fill the Bus” event. On that Saturday morning, the Location parked a First Student school bus on a busy street corner so residents could help “Fill the Bus” with food and personal items. The donations benefited The Hope Centre Soup Kitchen and Food Bank programs. “We thought we would feed families for Family Day,” said Darlene. “We considered hosting an event during Christmas time.  While the Centre gets donations around the holiday season, the need is year round. So we decided to hold the drive in February.” More than 1,354 lbs. of non-perishable food and toiletry items were collected during the nine-hour drive.