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First Student in Tecumseh took Santa’s workshop on parade
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First Student in Tecumseh took Santa’s workshop on parade

December 11, 2015

First Student in Tecumseh Took Santa’s Workshop on Parade

The holidays are a time of tradition and giving. Our team in Tecumseh, Michigan, has a long-standing tradition of supporting their community during the holidays in a number of ways. They collect donations for one food bank, volunteer to deliver food boxed for a second food bank, sponsor a family providing gifts, clothing and a holiday meal, and also collect gifts to contribute to Toys for Tots.

This year they added a new tradition — participation in the Tecumseh holiday parade. The parade is a very popular annual event. The team decorated a bus as Santa’s workshop and dressed as Santa’s helpers. They walked their neighborhood streets lined with children and their families spreading good cheer and passing out goodies.

“Participation in the holiday parade is just one example of the many ways the team is expanding its presence and deepening our engagement in the community,” shared Location Manager Jason Szteiter. “I have been driving the community involvement theme with our staff this year, and they are fully on board. Our participation in the parade was due to the efforts of several of our drivers. They wanted to represent First Student in the parade. This was a fantastic opportunity to be involved in yet another way with our community.”

Tecumseh Holiday Parade