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First Student driver receives parent’s praise
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First Student driver receives parent’s praise

July 19, 2017

First Student Driver John Graham from Location #20910 in Fairfield, CTDriver John Graham from Location #20910 in Fairfield, CT reacts to a letter from a parent that was sent to the Fairfield School District. “I wanted to write a letter to let you know how amazing our bus driver is! John is one in a million. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate him and how much our kids enjoy having him every day. Each morning he greets the children with a huge smile, a fist pump and a positive attitude. He is the first person they see every day and he sets the tone for the rest of the day. I am told by my daughter he has appropriate rules and enforces them with kindness and genuine care for the kids, and they know it is for their safety. When they get off the bus he has the same big smile and positive attitude, ending their day on a positive note. His job is to safely transport the most important people in my life by making the bus a place they enjoy and feel good about. I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have him as our driver and how lucky the transportation department is to have him as an employee! Wishing you a great summer.” “Great job by John in making a positive impact on his riders and demonstrating, as written by this parent, how very important we are to the start and end of our young riders’ day,” said AGM Vinnie Cappiello. “John’s kindness and genuine caring and interaction with his riders and parents should be an example to be followed by all.” John has had zero accidents. He began his career with First Student in 1989. He enjoys his job and is dedicated to safety.

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