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Driver goes above and beyond to support a high school cheerleading squad
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Driver goes above and beyond to support a high school cheerleading squad

February 9, 2017

Sir Winston Churchill once said “We make a living for what we get, we make a life by what we give.” For Driver Wayne Dowling at Location #12651 in Waukesha, Wisconsin his actions showcase our values of committed to our customers, dedicated to safety and accountable for performance.

Charter Coordinator Jerry Stevenson recently received an email from Sarah Dood, a South Varsity Cheerleading Coach from the Waukesha School District in Waukesha, Wis. In her email, she commended Wayne for his dedication and commitment to her cheerleading squad.

The email reads:

“I wanted to send an email regarding your First Student’s Bus Drivers – Wayne Dowling. We were fortunate enough last fall to get assigned Wayne as our driver at the beginning of our cheer season. From the second that he arrived, I knew he would be an asset to our program.”

In Sarah’s email, she mentioned Wayne’s support of the girls by watching them compete and even sending “shout-outs” to encourage the girls before their routines.

Besides his visual support, Wayne also made sure the bus was at optimal temperature for the girls while transporting them – often adjusting the heating or cooling during the ride and parking close to the school doors so they didn’t have to walk too far.

In the email, one cheerleader was quoted as saying “Wayne is always so enthused to see us. We can always spot him in the crowd at our competitions because of his bright charismatic smile. We appreciate his genuine support!”

“Congratulations to Wayne,” said Location Manager Robert Schuelke. “He walked the talk and put into practice that we share with drivers and teach them regarding excellent customer service. Hopefully we all learn from Wayne that little things matter and they keep our customers coming back.”