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Coffeyville, KS location active in community during summer months
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Coffeyville, KS location active in community during summer months

September 16, 2016

The First Student team in Coffeyville, Kansas, showed their commitment to the community extends beyond the school year. Location #11419 participated in several special events this summer, including the annual Inter-State Rodeo Parade.

Employees embraced the western theme; one driver created a cowboy hat for the front of the bus. Other decorations included a giant mustache and chaps for the side of the bus. Employees and their families walked the parade route handing out Frisbees and candy. Safety Dog even made an appearance. It was the first time the location participated in the event.

“The parade was a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our presence and deepen our engagement in the community,” shared Location Manager Lisa Cox. “Community involvement is a big focus area for my team in Coffeyville. They recognize the importance of giving back to where we live and work.”

The location also held a “Stuff the Bus” event in August. The team collected more than $1,000 worth of supplies to donate to Coffeyville Public Schools. The items will benefit many of the students they transport. A coat drive is planned for this fall. Location active in the community this summer