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Bus Aide Builds Special Bond With Her Riders
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Bus Aide Builds Special Bond With Her Riders

February 22, 2018


Bus Aide Latoya Downey

Bus Aide Latoya Downey from Location #20684 in Stamford, CT has a special bond with students who ride her bus.. Location Manager Elaine Reynolds received the following note from a Stamford School District nurse: “My name is Teresa. I am a school nurse in Stamford. I ride bus #650 in Stamford. My bus aide is Latoya Downey. We ride with four special needs children in wheelchairs. She is so sweet and kind to them. She always greets them and is so engaging. Latoya makes them feel welcome. I wanted to acknowledge her and hope that she continues this run in the future.” “Latoya is one of my best aides we have ever had,” said Elaine. “It must run in her family. Her Mom was a great aide until she retired a couple of years ago, and now, Latoya is filling her shoes as a great aide. Latoya knows all her students and their parents. She engages with the students to keep them safe and happy while riding the bus.” Latoya understands and practices positive reinforcement with her students. She often rewards students for their good behavior by giving them a First Student notepad and/or certificate. Latoya, thank you for all you do to ensure a safe environment on your bus.