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Boonville, Mo., employee sponsors toy drive
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Boonville, Mo., employee sponsors toy drive

March 10, 2016

Boonville employees set up toy drive for local family When Judy Betty, monitor at our Boonville, Mo., location, dropped off three of her students she had no idea that their lives would soon be dramatically changed. The following Monday, word spread throughout the bus garage that the students’ home had burned to the ground. The three children on Judy’s bus and an additional sibling on another bus had lost so much – including all their toys – and were staying at a local motel.

The bus garage made proper arrangements for the four students to get to school. Judy went into action, supported by three others, contacting everyone that she knew and getting other First Student employees involved. A toy drive to replace some of the toys lost in the fire began. Judy and her fellow team members at Boonville First Student filled a great need in the lives of these four children. Their mother was overwhelmed, expressing her gratitude at the outpouring of love through thankful tears.