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Annual can soup collection aids community
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Annual can soup collection aids community

December 2, 2016

Loc 12417 Soup DriveIn an effort to address the problem of hunger in many local communities, Area General Manager Lucille Ayotte, has coordinated and encouraged her locations in the Southern New England region, to participate in a can soup drive.  For the past five years, these team members have been committed to our customers and made a difference.

This year, 13 Southern New England locations #20661, #12417, #11930, #11842, #12628 Hartford and East Hartford, #28004, #20629, #20166, #11727, #11743, #11927-28005 and #12416 had a friendly competition to see which location could collect the most cans of soup.

Why a soup drive instead of a tradition food drive you might ask? “A can of soup is a meal,” said Lucille. “Participating in a can soup drive is one way my team members can join together to have a large impact on hunger, a devastating problem for many people in our communities.”

Congratulations to Location #12417 in Branford, Connecticut, for winning the competition by collecting the most cans of soup based on number of employees in the location per amount of cans collected.

The location collected 407 cans, an increase of 62 percent from the previous year.

Several area food banks will receive the 2,330 cans of food that were collected.

Thank you to all locations for your hard work and dedication in helping to feed the less fortunate in your community. Your work truly shows our values of commitment to our customers.