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4,000 cans of soup for those in need
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4,000 cans of soup for those in need

November 17, 2015

Our locations in Central Connecticut held their fourth annual Soup Can Collection Competition in October. Area General Manager Lucille Ayotte started the challenge in 2011 asking each of her 16 locations to collect cans of soup to donate to their local food banks. At the heart of the challenge is the reminder that for many people in their local communities a can of soup is a full meal.

Challenged to beat each previous year’s total collection, the locations collected a total of 4,000 cans of soup. That amount exceeded last year’s collection by 272 cans. Our Central Connecticut locations have collected 15,462 cans of soup in the four years of the challenge.

Student Soup Can Drive

The team in Bristol won this year’s challenge. Location Manager Patty Bernier and her team of 92 employees collected 1,482 cans of soup!

The teams at New Haven and Vernon went a step further this year in support of their communities. The team at New Haven collected $500 for their food bank to compliment their soup donation. And, the team at Vernon collected items for a family who lost their home to a fire.

“A heartfelt thank you to all of my locations in Central Connecticut for living our vision of keeping people moving and communities prospering,” shared Lucille.