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What You Don’t Know About Your Routing System Could Cost You
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What You Don’t Know About Your Routing System Could Cost You

More and more districts are issuing RFPs for new routing systems with the goal of finding cost savings and greater efficiency. What they don’t know, is trading in their current system for a new one might not be the best way to achieve their goals. If you are considering the implementation of a new system, it’s critical you first evaluate the utilization and potential of your current system. It could save you the effort required for the RFP process and a great deal of money. 

Can you get more out of your current system? Get familiar with the basics.

From our experience, student transportation routing systems are often underutilized and, in some cases, not properly utilized at all. This is often the result of improper system implementation, user training, and/or lack of ongoing system support. With a bit of help, many districts can get the cost savings and efficiencies they seek by re-evaluating and reworking their current system instead of purchasing and implementing an entirely new one.

Here are some things to keep in mind when evaluating your system:

  • Most districts don’t know their system is underutilized
    • A routing assessment can help differentiate between system shortcomings and improper implementation and utilization
    • Many times, routing systems are built using outdated or inaccurate student data
      • Updated data equals upgraded efficiency, your current system may just need a little TLC
    • Routing systems are expensive! Before you throw in the towel on your current system, consider a system analysis from an expert
      • A system analysis can identify and leverage missed efficiency opportunities that your district can act on and improve quickly

Still think you need a new system? Proper implementation will make all the difference.

We get it, sometimes it just makes more sense to start fresh. So how do you make sure that you don’t end up right back where you started – paying top dollar for an underutilized and inefficient routing system? The answer is making sure you’ve got it right from the start. Proper system implementation is critical to the success of your new system.

Here are some things to remember when deciding who to trust with the implementation of your new routing system:

  • How routing systems are implemented is just as important or more so than what system is implemented
    • Experience matters, partner with a team that knows how to get the most out of the software you choose
  • A new routing system will only be as strong as the data it’s provided
    • Look for an implementation partner who knows how to access your student data and how to properly integrate it with your routing system – all providers are not created equal
  • Software companies often downplay effort and expertise needed to successfully implement new systems. To properly implement your system, you’ll need to be skilled in areas like:
    • Data collectionSystem configurationUser training & support
    • Building and maintaining student information systems
  • How will you maintain your existing system while migrating to your new system? This typically represents a significant amount of effort for a district. Do you have the resources to pull it off?

First Consulting can support you every step of the way! We’ve done this before.

Whether you need help evaluating and improving your current system or identifying and implementing a new system, First Consulting can help.

  • Our team has over 300 years of combined experience evaluating and implementing new routing systems
  • We’ve developed implementation strategies that work:
    • From data collection, system configuration, implementation and user training and support – we have a blueprint you can count on. Our processes have been pressure-tested and refined through years of supporting routing operations for customers across North America
    • Building and maintaining interfaces between routing systems and all leading student information systems (SIS) is our specialty
    • We don’t earn commission on software sales
    • We’ll recommend what’s best for your district based on your unique requirements and budget
  • Getting help won’t break the bank
    • We deliver a better product and often save you money for the implementation of your routing system

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