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Three Strategies to Manage the Impact of Social Distancing
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Three Strategies to Manage the Impact of Social Distancing

July 8, 2020

Social distancing is having an unprecedented effect on every aspect of education. 

This fall, many school districts will adopt an alternating days/weeks schedule to support social distancing requirements. 

Your District’s transportation plans need to be aligned to your plans for the classroom. First Transportation Solutions can support your District with expert analysis of your school bus routing, allowing you to utilize your transportation resources as efficiently as possible. 

Our routing experts are ready to help you manage the impact of social distancing on the school bus, so you can focus on changes needed in the classroom.

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Bell Time and Tiering Changes

One way to transport more riders is through the operation of more school bus runs. We can perform a Bell Time Analysis, helping the District determine what changes could support the operation of additional runs, creating additional capacity. 

Increased Walk Zones

We can analyze the District’s attendance and walk zone boundaries to determine expansions that could reduce the number of students eligible for transportation.

Scenario Modeling

We can partner with your District to optimize your current transportation service, determining the best solution for your unique situation. For example, if high schoolers continue to e-learn from home, this could allow the District to repurpose those buses and create social distance.

 Disclaimer: Qualified school districts must have Edulog, Versatrans, or transfider with up to date system data in order to participate.