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First Student Recognized As A Leader in Safety by the Prestigious Campbell Institute
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First Student Recognized As A Leader in Safety by the Prestigious Campbell Institute

First Student is recognized as an industry leader in safety and reliability. We are the first ground transportation company to be accepted into the Campbell Institute; a globally recognized thought leader for world-class knowledge on keeping people safe and responsibly stewarding the earth’s valuable resources.

The Campbell Institute’s founding principle is for environment, health, and safety to be at the core of business vitality. Becoming a member of the institute is a great honor; businesses must undergo a strict vetting process that evaluates the company in 6 key areas:

  1. Leadership Commitment to World-class EHS (environmental, health and safety excellence): Drive EHS excellence at all levels of their organizations, including the C-suite
  2. Integration of EHS and Business Management: Integrates systems across environment, health and safety with a focus on continuous improvement
  3. Strong Performing EHS Metrics: Outperforms the majority of their peers in traditional safety metrics and uses leading indicators to drive performance
  4. Willingness to Share Successes and Lessons Learned: Shares best practices, successes, and lessons learned with one another and the world at large
  5. Strong Environmental Performance and Understanding of Sustainability: Excels in environmental performance and an understanding of sustainability as a competitive advantage
  6. Robust and Continuous Improvement Process: Understands that EHS excellence is a journey rather than a destination and embraces robust continuous improvement

The Campbell Institute represents a group of the largest and most sophisticated safety leaders. A sampling of our co-members include:

In addition to being the only ground transportation company to earn membership with the Campbell Institute, First Student is the only student transportation provider to receive the National Safety Council’s Green Cross for Safety and Occupational Excellence Award.