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First Student’s FirstView® Puts Parents’ Concerns at Ease
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First Student’s FirstView® Puts Parents’ Concerns at Ease

“Where is my child’s bus?” is a question many parents find themselves asking more often than they’d like.

The start of school is a hectic time for most school districts across the nation. “The first two weeks of school we really spend an enormous amount of time and energy on transportation. It’s kind of all-hands-on-deck, including myself, answering calls because the volume of calls is overwhelming,” said Anne Rohrich, CFO, Norristown Area School District, a First Student Customer.

First Student strives to reduce these questions and calls from parents. With FirstView®, this goal can become a reality.

FirstView is the highest rated bus tracking app in the student transportation market. It was created by First Student to support their customers by providing real time tracking, ETAs, schedule changes, and more.

The app was developed in collaboration with parents/caregivers and district officials, meaning each feature and capability was designed to meet the specific communication needs of these key community members. The app can be accessed from any smartphone or desktop, and includes easy-to-use in-app ability to provide feedback for future updates.

While the app helps parents and children start and end their school day smoothly, it also provides the district with peace of mind in knowing the location of the bus. With FirstView, district administrators have more time to focus on other tasks and can quickly answer parent questions.  

Norristown Area School District is one of the many districts who rolled out FirstView at the start of the school year. FirstView provides coverage for nearly 2,000 students across 36 Norristown schools. “This allows us to take a step closer to providing a better secure and safe environment for kids,” said Christopher Dormer, Superintendent, Norristown Area School District.

Today, FirstView provides peace of mind to more than 70,000 parents across North America using the ParentApp.

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