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First Student to Plant More than 1,200 Trees on Behalf of Customers to Celebrate Earth Day
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First Student to Plant More than 1,200 Trees on Behalf of Customers to Celebrate Earth Day

CINCINNATI First Student, the industry leader in school bus electrification and sustainability, is further helping to combat climate change. In honor of Earth Day, the company is planting a tree for each of the 1,250 customers it serves throughout North America.

As a socially responsible company, First Student is also committed to investing in new technologies that dramatically reduce its carbon footprint, creating cleaner communities and safer rides to school. The company is the largest operator of electric school buses in the world and was recently recognized by the White House for its ambitious efforts to convert 30,000 diesel buses to electric by 2035.

First Student also embraces policies that reduce CO2 emissions. The company is diligent about the regular maintenance of buses, which leads to improved fuel efficiency. First Student drivers are actively coached to reduce idling. The company also works closely with its school district partners to ensure bus routes are as efficient as possible.

“At First Student, every day is Earth Day,” said First Student CEO and President John Kenning. “We know each action we take to minimize our impact on the environment can make a real difference for generations to come. First Student is proud to be leading the way in the deployment of electric school buses and the adoption of innovative technologies that improve the health and well-being of employees, students and communities.”  

First Student is partnering with EARTHDAY.ORG’s Canopy Project to plant the 1,250 trees on behalf of each of its customers. Earth Day is held annually on April 22 to raise awareness and support for environmental protection.

About First Student

As a leading school transportation solutions provider in North America, First Student strives to provide the best start and finish to every school day. With a team of highly trained drivers and the industry’s strongest safety record, First Student delivers reliable, quality services, including full-service transportation and management, special-needs transportation, fleet electrification, route optimization, and scheduling, maintenance, and charter services with a fleet of more than 44,000 buses.