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Bullying Info For Parents
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Bullying Info For Parents

First Student bus drivers and attendants are committed to safely and securely transporting each student, not only through their safe driving, but by fostering an environment of trust and respect on the bus. We take the threat of bullying seriously.

Our Drivers and Attendants Work to Create a Positive Bus Climate By:

  • Establishing expectations for behavior.
  • Being firm but not tough.
  • Being courteous.
  • Treating all students equally and consistently.
  • Working to understand the ages and behavior stages of students on the bus.
  • Watching and understanding the students’ behaviors.

All First Student Drivers and Attendants Receive Anti-Bullying Training.

Our drivers are empowered to take immediate action if they see or suspect bullying on their buses and are trained to:

  • Create a safe and respectful environment on the school bus.
  • Establish and enforce bus safety rules.
  • Understand the signs of bullying and how to intervene.
  • Understand the additional challenges students with disabilities face.
  • Empower children to report if they are being bullied or see bullying.
  • Report all bullying incidents to management and school district customers immediately.

If You Suspect Your Child is Being Bullied:

  • Ask questions and take time to listen to the answers.
  • Assess the situation and determine what your child needs to feel safe.
  • Speak out by telling school authorities, a teacher, a bus driver or school counselor.

Together, We Can Make a Difference.

First Student transports five million student journeys daily, which provides our drivers and attendants millions of opportunities to make a difference. By remaining focused on bullying awareness – including the signs, symptoms and reasons students bully others – and encouraging each driver or attendant to take action, we are working to end bullying on our school buses.

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