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Creating Leaders in Safety
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Creating Leaders in Safety

Our BeSafe Leadership Program has earned First Student a place among a select group of companies in the National Safety Council’s Campbell Institute™. Members of the Campbell Institute™ contribute to Environment, Health and Safety research and thought leadership across industries. First Student is also the only student transportation provider to receive the National Safety Council’s Green Cross for Safety and Occupational Excellence Award. 

Three elements of our BeSafe Leadership Program include the following:

Focus on Safety Critical Behaviors

Working in partnership with ADI, our safety experts identified several critical behaviors that link to collision/on-road risk prevention, injury prevention and shop-specific injury prevention and are the focus of our safety messaging and coaching:

  • Smith System 5-keys
    • Driving speed
    • 3-point contact (descending stairs)
    • Use of “last step” and traction aids
    • Housekeeping (shop-specific injury prevention)
    • Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
    • Use of lockout-tagout

Daily Touchpoints

We encourage our location managers to have daily planned interactions with their team members. These touchpoints are focused on the above safety critical behaviors.

Debrief Sessions

Managers conduct weekly meetings to share successful examples of touchpoints and best practices with a primary focus on refining coaching techniques. These meetings provide opportunities for management peers to learn from one another.