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5 Ways School Districts Are Benefiting From EV Consulting
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5 Ways School Districts Are Benefiting From EV Consulting


Electrifying your fleet is not as simple as buying an electric school bus and plugging it in. The process involves a multitude of steps and stakeholders. You will need expertise in grant writing and funding, evaluation of route lengths and weather, utility power and supply, selecting the right buses, chargers, and batteries, and designing and installing infrastructure.

First Student works with districts to explore every aspect of the transition to electric vehicles, from general assessment and infrastructure to consulting with construction firms and project deployment. We work with utilities to plan for the integration of EVs into your district, including the development of charging programs and incentives. Our experience across the transportation industry provides us with the insight needed to help you navigate this rapidly changing environment.

1. Expertise

First Student is the largest student transportation company in North America. We have a dedicated team of electric vehicle and infrastructure experts with a vast knowledge base. Our team knows the ins and outs of grant writing and funding, routing, utility power and supply, purchasing power for buses, batteries and chargers, EV maintenance, and the engineering that goes into infrastructure design and install.

2. Cost Savings

Partnering with First Student can provide substantial savings over hiring multiple vendors to take on the many areas of expertise needed to electrify your fleet.

3. Time Savings

Handing off a project with the complexity and phases needed to electrify will save your district valuable time working with numerous stakeholders. Rely on one team with one schedule.

4. Objectivity

Our EV consultants enable the district to address certain objectives and needs without being bias, but objective in the process producing better results.

5. Customization

Our team of consultants will provide a personalized approach based on your district’s specific goals. We’ll provide strategy consulting based on the unique challenges your district may face.

Interested in First Student EV consultants to help your district with your fleet electrification, please contact us at today!