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The Benefits of Contracting
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The Benefits of Contracting

June 28, 2018

School districts are under tremendous pressure to balance competitive and economic pressures with the need to deliver a quality education experience. Contracting student transportation saves districts an average of up to 10 to 30 percent, allowing you to return your time, energy and resources to the classroom. {Source: National School Transportation Association}

Benefits for School Districts

School districts of all sizes are increasingly assessing their operations to determine how best to provide key services to their communities. Districts seek a transportation partner for a number of reasons, including a desire for higher safety standards, enhanced efficiencies and services for their communities, and access to advanced transportation capabilities and industry best practices.Contracting increases district control. The school district sets policy and expectations in the contract. Then, collectively, through your partnership with a private contractor, you provide your community with the great student transportation services they need and deserve. 

Benefits for Parents & Communities

Contracting empowers your district to raise the bar for safety standards, advances in technology and on-time performance. Partnering with a student transportation services provider gives your community access to the most knowledgeable transportation expertise available in an increasingly complex field — even under tight budget constraints.

Benefits for Drivers

A great team of drivers is at the heart of every successful school transportation operation. Drivers are the link between the school district, transportation management and the community. Partnering with a student transportation services provider can offer drivers enhanced training opportunities, more room for advancement and additional earning opportunities.

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