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First Student Suits Up for Safety
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First Student Suits Up for Safety

As the country’s largest provider of transportation for students, we take safety very seriously.

Safety is an integral part of our culture and we are committed to incorporating safety into all aspects of our service for both our riders and our staff. When touting our safety rating – which is twice as safe as the industry average – it is easy to get caught up in detailing the equipment on our buses aimed at keeping students safe. We are certainly proud of the measures we’ve taken to protect our riders, but we are equally proud of those we take to protect our staff.

In addition to a wealth of training to ensure our First Student staff is prepared for any situation that may arise during a route, we have also taken steps to ensure they are safe before they ever board the bus. Photo luminescent vests are among the important safety equipment we use every day.

Busing students requires many early morning (and sometimes late night) arrivals to our bus yards. In the hours before the sun has risen, walking through one of the yards can be a dangerous place if done so without the proper equipment. The vests, required for all First Student staff while in the yard, essentially glow in the dark to provide enhanced visibility and minimize the chance of an accident due to a staff person not being seen.

The photo tells the tale. Two drivers walking across a bus yard reveal the distinct advantages offered by the glowing vest. While some staff members were resistant to the vests when first introduced, the safety advantages were quickly demonstrated. And some even choose to wear their vests while participating in other activities such as walking or cycling.

Providing this simple piece of safety equipment for our employees is an example of the willingness we have to keep safety top of mind for all levels of our company.