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FirstServes™ Special Needs Program

Research-based training, tools and support to improve the experience of students.

Advanced Special Needs Support

Developed in conjunction with the #1 children’s hospital in the United States, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, FirstServes™ is a special education leadership training program that equips drivers, attendants, district partners and families with tools to improve the ridership for all students—not just those with special needs. Together, we evaluate the needs of the child and implement research-based behavioral interventions that transform their transportation experience and set them up physically and emotionally for the rest of their day.

Student Services on the Bus

FirstServes™ aligns with your student service goals and can be tailored to include your district’s existing systems.

Developed with Behavioral Experts

The FirstServes™ program was co-developed with the #1 children’s hospital in the country, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Ongoing Support

The program is regularly updated with recent field developments by experts in behavioral psychology and special education.


Employee Spotlight

"I liked what I saw and the schedule worked out great for me. I also liked the diversity in the jobs available at First Student and in the people whom I would deal with on a day-to-day basis."


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