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Employee Spotlights

Team Wichita | Working Together to Deliver on Our Promise

It’s about Safety
As our largest First Student location, it is easy to understand why the team in Wichita has adopted the nickname “BOSS,” but it is not just about size. “BOSS stands for big on safety success,” shared Training Center Manager Chuck Mosqueda. He leads a Safety team that is responsible for ensuring we deliver on our core value.

The Heart for It
Buses travel nearly nine million miles each school year in Wichita. More than 500 drivers transport 17,000 students every school day. Making sure those drivers are properly trained and have the required driving credentials takes dedication and commitment. “I feel fortunate to be a part of a team that is passionate about what we do, has the heart for it, and follows through,” says Chuck. He is proud of his colleagues, which include Location Safety Managers Greg Seals and Diane Mays along with Road Supervisors Jennifer Adams, Curtis Tracey and Teresa Carmona.

Making a Difference
The Wichita Safety team recognizes the importance of what they do. Chuck’s son was killed in an accident with a tractor-trailer 15 years ago. The truck driver was in violation of regulations. Chuck was working as a CDL trainer at the time. He considered leaving the industry. Chuck’s daughter, who was 11-years-old at the time, changed his mind. “She asked, ‘If you don’t do it, who is going to do it?’“ Chuck says, “I realized that I could make a real difference through my work. By making sure drivers receive proper training and are in compliance with the law, I could do my best to keep everyone safe on the roads.” It is a powerful message that Chuck personally shares with new drivers.

Achieving Results
The Safety team has also seen that when they work together, they can achieve amazing results. At the beginning of this past school year, it was important that no drivers be disqualified over driving credentials. Chuck and his team worked countless hours to ensure all drivers were ready before the first day of school. “The team did everything possible to get all of their drivers qualified, even visiting drivers’ houses when they could not be reached by phone,” says Senior Location Manager Kary Dixon. “To accomplish so much in such a short time took exceptional teamwork and dedication.” For the first time in six years, the location did not have a single driver disqualified for lacking the proper credentials. The effort recently earned the team a Be First Award, which recognizes First Student employees or teams who have made significant contributions to the company over the past year.

Embracing Safety
When our Wichita location hosted a stop on the Safety Dog Bus Tour last year, the Safety team went above and beyond to help make the event a success. They embrace new initiatives that not only make a difference in the lives of students, but also their colleagues. “The company truly does put safety first,” shared Chuck. “The programs that are being put into place will reduce collisions and injuries while producing better customer service.” The Wichita team is proud to be driving results and working together to deliver on our promise to provide students with the best start and finish to every school day.

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