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Employee Spotlights

Reggie Jenkins | Out in Front

Reggie webIf Reggie Jenkins looks familiar, there is a good reason why. His warm smile has appeared in many of our marketing and recruiting materials. Reggie is comfortable being out in front, including in his current role as an assistant location manager for one of our Cincinnati locations. “I enjoy the variety of things I get to do,” says Reggie. “Every day has opportunities and challenges. I love to find solutions, and it’s really rewarding to feel that you’re making a difference.”

Perfect Fit
Reggie joined First Student in 2006 as a driver. He was a college student at the time, and the hours were a perfect fit with his class schedule. Over the years, Reggie has advanced within First Student. He has also served as a road supervisor and a training center manager. “One thing kept leading to another,” shared Reggie. “I never imagined when I started 10 years ago that I would find my passion.” He enjoys managing the day-to-day operations of the location because it gives him a chance to interact with everyone from employees to our school district partner to parents. Reggie sees the full scope of the company and the impact it has on the community he serves.

Real Advantage
Because of his time behind the wheel, Reggie understands what our drivers do every day. He is in a great position to help lead and to share best practices. “I feel my background is a real advantage,” shares Reggie. “I can relate to the challenges our drivers face, but I also know how rewarding working with children can be.” Reggie still has his CDL. He even charters and drives a school bus for his two daughters’ daycare field trip each year. Two of Reggie’s brothers were also school bus drivers, and one still works for First Student at a different location in Cincinnati.

Give it Your All
Recognizing the value of connection is important to Reggie in his dealings with his First Student teammates. He remembers training a potential driver who was having difficulty with the pre-trip inspection. Reggie recorded himself conducting one, and he gave the trainee the video. “She was so appreciative,” says Reggie. “For me, I was just doing my job, but she couldn’t believe I took the time to help her push through it. She was so excited that she cried. I even received a thank-you card from her.” The trainee was a visual learner, and Reggie’s actions made all of the difference. He believes, “You have to give it your all, especially when someone’s livelihood is at stake.” The trainee went on to have a successful career with First Student as a driver.

Positive Impact
Reggie also knows the positive impact he and his team can have in the lives of the students they transport. “Many children lack regular interaction with adults,” shares Reggie. “I always tell drivers that what we do is about so much more than providing a safe ride to school. We’re building relationships. Students need us. Their success depends on us working together to provide superb service.” The First Student of students Reggie drove in 2006 are now in college, and he still keeps in touch with many of them.

Delivering on Our Promise
Reggie is proud to work for a company he describes as “always leading the way in safety, customer service and technology.” He is excited to see where First Student is headed and how he can help drive the industry forward. The passion Reggie has for what we do is contagious. It serves to inspire and to motivate and allows us to deliver on our promise of Caring for students today, tomorrow, together

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