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Environmental Sustainability

Committed to eco-friendly business practices for all of our communities

At First Student, developing and implementing innovative environmental practices and programs is a priority for all of the communities we serve. In 2012, we were recognized by the NationalSchool Transportation Association with the prestigious Go Yellow, Go GreenAward for “greening” our school bus fleet. We’ve continued to put our dedication in action in several ways:

  • Each year, we divert more than 7 million pounds of motor oil and oil filters from landfills. This helps reduce methane gas emissions and provides an alternative end of life for the associated materials, directly benefiting the local communities we serve.
  • We continue to steadily reduce carbon emissions while enhancing our fuel efficiencies. In 2015, we achieved our 3% target emissions reduction against our 2009/2010 baselines thanks to our DriveSMART and StartSMART programs.
  • Through our sustainable procurement programs and supply chain partnerships, we’ve improved our vehicles’ fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and cut waste. We’ve also improved the reliability and durability of the parts and products we purchase and provide.
  • We annually report on our greenhouse gas emissions from all owned vehicles and property.
  • We support research into transportation policy and the use of alternative fuels, staying educated on alternative fuel developments and assessing their commercial viability.

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