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First Student Start Safe for Parents

School is more challenging this year for a variety of reasons. First Student is committed to making your student’s journey to and from school as safe as possible. Reworked school routines, new transportation procedures, social distancing, and thorough bus disinfection and protection are all necessary responses to the coronavirus pandemic. We developed the Start Safe program to ensure students are protected with the best protocols.

Disinfected and Protected

First Student recommends monthly bus disinfection using Zoono-Z71TM, a product extensively tested by the Start Safe Task Force.

How Zoono-Z71TM Destroys Viruses

The extended protection provided by Zoono-Z71TM monthly disinfectant makes it ideal for school transportation environments.

More about First Student’s disinfection process

How Zoono Group’s Technology Works

Team of Experts

Developed by a team of leaders pulled from every function of our organization, Start Safe reflects our company-wide commitment to ensure that each bus is disinfected and protected.

Our Start Safe Task Force collaborated with various government agencies, healthcare organizations, university research teams, and school bus manufacturers to test and select the best possible disinfectant options for the school bus environment.

This research will inform our cleaning protocols as well as our best practice recommendations for the industry.

Start Safe Parent Toolkit

We’re in this together, and we’re committed to keeping your students safe and excited about the school year. With the help of First Student’s safety mascot, Safety Dog, we created these tip sheets and activities to share with your student.

Safety Dog wants you to follow the rules, listen to your driver and be respectful of everyone on the bus!

Start Safe Parent Toolkit in French

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