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Start Safe

July 8, 2020

Back to school will be more challenging this year for a variety of reasons. Reworked school routines, new transportation protocols, social distancing and thorough disinfection will be necessary responses to the novel Corona Virus outbreak.

First Student has developed the Start Safe program to ensure our district partners are protected with the best protocols and the right tools for communicating with concerned parents. Developed by a team of leaders pulled from every function of our organization, the Start Safe program, outlined below, reflects our company-wide commitment to our students’ and employees’ safety.

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Team of Experts

First Student has developed a team of industry experts that have been hard at work dissecting and researching every aspect of school transportation. 

Our expert team, the Start Safe Taskforce, is driving the charge to reduce disease exposure and prevent transmission throughout our operations. As such, they are actively collaborating with governmental agencies, health care organizations, university research teams, and vehicle manufacturers to test and share information about:

  • Virus dwell time 
  • Virus reaction
  • Decontamination methods 
  • Instantaneous disinfection
  • Prolonged environment protection 

Start Safe Toolkit

This fall, your team will need to communicate more frequently about the safety of the evolving school bus environment. In addition to our standard back-to-school toolkit materials, we are compiling all of our best-practice protocols, and developing new resources, for you to share with your parents and the community. The toolkit will include content like:

  • SOP’s
  • District Resources
  • Parent and Child Friendly Resources
  • Safety Dog Materials

Industry Best Disinfection

 First Student recommends monthly disinfection of buses using a carefully selected disinfectant called Zoono-Z71. 

OurStart Safe Taskforce has tested numerous products and methods of bus disinfection and foundthe extended protection provided by Zoono-Z71 makes it ideal for school transportation environments. 

 How Zoono Destroys Viruses

PPE & Workplace Protection

In addition to following all state and provincial guidance and regulations on PPE and social distancing, First Student is also:

  • Providing all employees with face-coverings
  • Posting signage promoting & encouraging best practices
  • Shifting employee training to a virtual platform wherever possible
  • When virtual training is not possible, consolidated training sessions will ensure proper social distance
  • Employing a special HR team to help address concerns and accommodations for high-risk employees
  • Incorporating a new Safe Start training module that details minimizing exposure and limiting spread

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