Fleet Maintenance

Put optimal performance at the forefront

A strong fleet maintenance program is critical to a successful transportation operation

You don’t just need a fleet of buses—you need a fleet of buses that runs well. Our fleet management and maintenance programs are among the most exacting and innovative in the industry, helping you to prevent:

  • Bus breakdowns
  • High maintenance and fuel costs
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Short fleet life cycles

Qualified and highly engaged technicians who hold over 2,700 ASE certifications


Buses routed each year across all major routing software platforms

First Transportation Solutions Maintenance Fun Facts

Partner with First Student and you’ll get:

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our technicians are equipped with the latest tools, diagnostic equipment, and training that helps them improve data quality and information, in turn helping you improve management decisions.

Cost Savings

Our program brings you reduced maintenance and repair costs, which helps lengthen the life of your fleet. It also gives you unmatched fleet and parts purchasing power, outfitting you with high-quality equipment at low prices.

Quality Performance

Our ASE Blue Seal-certified technicians make sure your fleet performs exceptionally. They do this by focusing on securing the proper types and quantities of parts, which leads to operator productivity with fewer breakdowns and reduced inconvenience and downtime.

Sustainable Operating Practices

Our use of environmentally-friendly products and practices helps reduce the environmental impact of running a bus fleet. Our proprietary maintenance system has improved compliance to DOT, state, provincial, and federal requirements.

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First Transportation Solutions provides a collaborative approach that enables school districts to maintain ownership of their fleet and facilities while providing transportation best practices, support and training.